BGTECH is an INNOVATION company with deep roots in technology and in gaming. We develop new ways to engage players and grow your profit, across all sectors of the gaming industry.

With our unique game concepts, our clients are propelled to the forefront of the global gaming industry.
Calling on our broad base of experience creating new gaming concepts from scratch, BGTECH is a leading global gaming developer of unique personalized solutions based on clients’ specific businesses.
From incredible bingo games to instant, draw-based, and sever-based lottery games to interactive and online gaming, our games are certified to the strictest standards.


BGTECH as a synonym of high-quality and innovative game provider.
Our vision is driven by innovation, differentiation, and excellence; values dedicated to growing our clients’’ market segments. We strive to become a world leader in innovative games by combining cutting-edge technologies with brilliant new game ideas.
At BGTECH —with TECH in our name— we work to provide players with the best gaming experiences based on the most innovative products in the industry.


That is what we do and that is what we want to do.

The gaming industry is changing; today it demands gaming experiences that never before have been seen. It demands unique player experiences. The BGTECH mission is to provide that new and remarkable entertainment through the most pleasurable gaming platforms ever imagined.
To deliver that mission, we have assembled the highest-quality team of the most experienced gaming experts, technicians, managers, and consultants. Together, we are dedicated to delivering those “ultimate” games.





As a business-to-business software provider, BGTECH does not interact directly with players. Nonetheless, we believe it is our duty to provide operators with well-built and fully-regulated games. This allows our clients to provide the best experiences to their customer players.
To allow our clients to provide the best experiences to their customers, all of our games are developed following the requirements set out by the regulating authorities who test our products. Further, our games can be certified under GLI-11 and GLI-19 independent testing standards.
Further, we believe that Responsible Gaming is a serious matter and the obligation of game developers as much as operators. Consequently, our development and certifications are designed to offer a fair gaming experience that people can really enjoy without concerns.